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Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate ghost hunt

Walpole Bay Hotel Ghost Hunt in aid of The Children’s Trust – 18th February 2012

This ghost hunt was held on behalf of The Children’s Trust, all proceeds from the event went to the charity.

We started the evening in the alleged most haunted room. Room 310. A male energy stepped forward and gave his name as Edward, he was gentry without a doubt, aged 29 years old and from 1910 he stood about 5’6” in height and wore a pin stripe grey suit with a black top hat and a silver topped cane. Edward proceeded to give a little evidence to the guests by lifting their arms gently.

After this session we decided that we would have a roving ghost hunt, since we had access to several rooms on each floor and therefore let the guests wander from room to room to see what they could sense or pick up with our equipment. Since we did not want to disturb guests of the hotel later in the evening this seemed a good idea and it allowed the guests to investigate on their own.

Later in the evening we were trying a Scrying experiment with some of the guests in the downstairs female toilets, as the energy and the general feeling in this area was not a good one. Many of the female guests and a member of my team did not relish the idea of using these toilets as they had a bad feeling. Many odd noises also emanated from within the toilets, but on every single visit inside the door, whatever the noise was, stopped instantly. During the scrying experiment the guests saw the features change on whoever was sitting in the “hot seat”

Whilst I was in a room on the second floor we came across a female energy who told us via our communicator equipment that she once owned and managed the hotel. Within the same room another female energy was present, a maid, however neither of these energies managed to either make a noise that we could hear nor affect any of the guests.

Some of my team had had sessions in room 310 in the meantime where strange knocks had been heard and at one point they were in response to the taps and raps being asked by the people in the room. Whilst the guests were in another area, myself and a colleague re-visited room 310 to see if we could record these raps and taps on our audio equipment. On entering the room we noticed that there was a strong pungent smell of lavender, which considering we had both been in this room before along with all of the guests at various times throughout the night and at no time prior to this visit had either of us smelled lavender quite so strong.

For our final session we spent this in the ballroom downstairs as when I was in the room alone, there were many strange sounds like whistling coming from the direction of the ladies toilet and when I entered  the room I thought I heard a piano playing, however there was no piano in the room.

We had lots of communication with spirit via our communication equipment in the ballroom and spirit were responding to our taps and raps and repeating them more or less on command.

During various EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments, audio anomalies were recorded, some however we have been able to ascertain what exactly has been said in response to our questions, two are easily understandable and are available to hear.

Below is a photo taken by one of the Ghost Hunt Events team members which shows a very odd image on the wall or in the mirror, we cannot be sure as no other photographs of this room were similar, we have tried to re-create this effect on a mirror, but have been unable to do so.


Strange Photo from room 310

Strange Photo from room 310

Whilst we cannot be sure that this is of a paranormal nature, we also cannot be sure that it isn’t. You decide.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events



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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 17-2-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods Ghost Hunt – 17th February 2012

This time of year is perfect for us to go to Pluckley, the lack of leaves on trees and the noises of the wood being at its minimum means any unusual or strange occurrences can be easily identified as animal or other. Usually it is the other and unexplainable!

After setting off and walking deep into the woods we stopped at a familiar spot and although spirit activity was present it wasn’t enough activity to warrant a proper séance. Our K2 metres picked up energy but it was less than usual.

After moving to another spot we did begin a séance and almost immediately a spirit which I have encountered before made himself known to me, his name is Philip and he is a farm worker, ginger hair and very pale skin of slim build and about six foot in height.

He started (as he has before) by moving the arms of myself and whoever is standing next to me, much to their surprise and something which I usually “forget” to mention! Philip kindly allowed the guests to feel his presence by moving the guests arms gently. Not in a scary way but usually the guests find this surreal.

Philip also followed us to another spot on the same path, here is usually quiet however on this particular occasion we all heard some very heavy footfalls and some other loud rustling which didn’t sound like rabbits, foxes or badgers, this sounded more like the noise cows make, however there are no cows in these woods.

During the séance Darren (guest) got pulled backwards much to his and everyone else’s surprise, we were also joined by a female spirit whose name was Elizabeth, she was aged approximately 30 years and by her dress was from the 1860s. I heard on more than one occasion the sounds of people mumbling or talking very quietly, which didn’t seem to emanate from any particular direction, only after the séance guests also commented that they too had heard the same mumblings. Guests either side of Darren also heard grunting and groaning, which I have heard in this specific spot before. There were also distant whistles heard by the guests.

During my whistle experiment and when I had set up the laser grid, the K2 metre was exceptionally active although no real evidence was seen or felt. Guests however di have many orb or light anomaly photos.

Our final session was on the path to Fright Corner and we met an Italian by the name of Angelo who was extremely energetic and manipulated the guests without hesitation. Angelo was 34 years old and from the 1970s and had no trouble moving or touching the ladies. Also during this period many guests and myself heard the same sort of mumbling and one or two guests also heard a male sounding groan.

After this I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment and on playing back the recording, various responses were heard, however when these were analysed only one out of the potential four could easily be recognised and understood. You can listen to this recording at

Whilst walking out of the woods some guests clearly heard the sound of bells, not dissimilar to church bells, this is something which we have encountered before and although we cannot rule out the possibility that these are Church bells, I find it very hard to believe that any village church would be ringing the bells at 2:00am!

Once again another successful ghost hunt and one in which the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Pluckley Screaming Woods private ghost hunt 28-1-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods 28-1-2012

We get many requests to hold ghost hunts, not just at many of our outdoor locations but also indoors for birthday parties and hen nights. This visit however was a surprise ghost hunt as a Hen party. The night did not disappoint.

There are a number of ‘hot spots’ within these woods where the spiritual activity is greater than in other areas and I always start in one of the most active areas.

After some very high readings on the K2 metre we formed a séance circle and I described a spirit energy that had followed us onto this path, this turned out to be Emma’s (the hen) God Father who was called Tom. He however stepped back to allow the spirit energies who were present to interact with the guests.

The first was an energy called Philip aged in his early 20s with ginger hair and pale skin, he proceeded to gently push and pull the guests and move some of the guests’ arms.

We were also joined by a female energy called Anita 34 years old who was dressed in a Edwardian style, she gave the group little attention although she smiled whist Philip moved the guests.

After this séance I conducted an EVP (ghost voice) experiment and one of the guests had a very clear answer after their question, you can listen to it here

In the second location, which is also a very active area Emma heard someone clear their throat just behind her and to her left. Since I was the only man present she knew it wasn’t me because I was in front of her. We were joined by a young male energy, his name was Patrick and he was 7 years old and dressed in 1980s attire. It transpired that he was a runaway child. This information was gathered using our ghost communicator. Michelle (guest) also felt he rucksack being tugged.

There was also an unwelcome angry energy present, he stood about 6’ tall and had dark black hair with a square looking face. Since he seemed likely to cause trouble we moved on.

Whilst at our next location I set up our laser grid, which has proved very popular with the guests, probably because when this is on the area is well lit! Several people saw a 3’ high mist traversing the grid, and although I could not confirm it but a few guests suggested that it may have been Patrick, the spirit we met earlier as we were just a few hundred metres further along the path. The K2 metre also acted very strangely. During this session I tried a whistle experiment and although no whistles we heard out loud, we all heard footfalls in the woodland immediately to our left, this did not sound like a person walking in the woods but more like someone dragging something.

Our fourth session was on our way out of the woods and we held a final séance. A spirit by the name of Basil McKinley or McKendrick joined us. He was Scottish and told me that he worked as a Butcher in a shop in Tenterden and Headcorn. He was a fairly portly gentleman of 44 years old who was wearing a white shirt and vest, brown corduroy trousers and black boots. Patrick also re-joined us. However there were very few movements however the majority of the guests at this point were rather cold.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and Emma will not forget her Hen party anytime soon.

Spiritual Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Timeball Tower Museum, Deal ghost hunt – 27-1-2012

The Timeball Tower Museum Private Ghost Hunt 27th January 2012

The Timeball Tower which is in Deal, Kent is a little gem of a building. Tucked away in this part of Kent, no-one would know how important this building once was. For those who don’t know, the Timeball was dropped at 1.00pm everyday so that maritime people would know the time. The signal for this came from Greenwich via the telegraph system.

The Timeball Tower then is all about time and the measurement of it, which for our purposes means that it is not a quiet building as there are clocks on every floor, some gently ticking, while others loudly clanking away. However this did not stop us enjoying the evening as this was a private event, the majority of the people knew about the Timeball Tower.

We started on the top floor and like many venues that have not had paranormal investigations held in them before, it took a while for the spirit energies to realise what was happening and to interact with us. Our EMF meters showed a small building up of energy surrounding the mechanism of the timeball and after about twenty minutes we were getting strong pulses and our dialogue equipment was also picking up spirit energies.

From the dialogue meters we established there was a female energy called Annabelle who was aged in her early 20s, smartly dressed and used to work in the building in 1908. She seemed a shy girl but after a while she began to “talk” and it transpired that she was either pushed or fell from the roof of the building. What she was doing on the roof remains a mystery.

A second energy was also communicating via the dialogue meter, his name was Gordon and he was a well-built man, about 5’10” in height. Aged in his mid-50s and dressed in Navy uniform and wore a navy coloured peaked flat cap. He gave me the impression that he was from 1870s.

Throughout this session we could all hear various noises on the floor below, but there were no clocks on that floor that were that noisy. A guest volunteered to go down to the floor below, but as soon as they left us those loud noises ceased.

After a short break we resumed the investigation on the top floor and I set up the laser grid to see if the energies that were present could manifest themselves somehow. Although nothing noteable happened at first some guests could see lights and orbs within this grid, according to the guests the lights were white and red in colour, whereas the laser light was green.

During my whistle experiment a whistle was heard a few people but unfortunately not recorded on our audio recorders, although it may have been recorded via our video cameras, but the footage is still being analysed for anomalies.

Once again, whilst we were all on this floor many loud noises were heard on the floor below but as soon as someone went down to listen to them, the noises stopped.

The majority of the group made their way down to the second floor, as it was relatively cold on the top floor (there was no heating in this building) but I and another guest stayed behind to do some EVP experiments. From the recordings there were two EVPs recorded.

After the EVP recording session, I joined the rest of the group on the second floor and we attempted some scrying using the screen of a TV, all those who took part saw their features change as many different energies participated. Some of the guests found this to be a frightening experience!

Our final session we decided to hold a Ouija board session, which meant carrying a table from the ground floor to the top (only when we finished, did we notice the legs were detachable!)

The first energy who presented themselves on the Ouija board didn’t actually want to communicate with us, nor could they spell, so after about 20 minutes and very little activity a “proper” energy started to move the planchette. This spirit was called Andrew Dafny, aged 35 and from 1648 and was a Burmese citizen who belonged to some religious order, but one he would not divulge. I asked whether he came here specifically to communicate with us, as his actions on the board we precise and he knew to return to the centre of the board after answering a question. He said Yes. This raised lots of questions from the guests, all of which were answered by Andrew.

This was a great venue; all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves since this was the first time that they had attended a paranormal night. Considering the ticking of the clocks the EVPs are some of the clearest we have recorded.

I would like to thank the Trustees of the Timeball Tower Museum for allowing us to conduct ghost hunts at The Timeball Tower Museum.

This venue is available for private ghost hunts, see for more details.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester – 21-1-2012 (Team Two)


Our first group went to the Tudor Room, this is where the hotel holds meetings.  We started with a séance, and immediately we had spirit present.  The spirit of Jeffery at first came close to Rachel (guest). She could feel very cold behind her and was moved.  Spirit then moved around the whole circle, giving guests a cold sensation on their backs, and giving them some movement of their arms, or pushing/pulling them.  We could also sense the spirits of an elderly couple observing what we were doing.

We dropped hands for a short while and Jo (guest) sat in a chair at the back of the room, and whilst sitting there felt and heard what sounded like someone jumping in front of her.

We then all decided to sit very quietly around the large table with our hands on the table.  Immediately we had the spirit of a large male energy present who didn’t like us.  He gave his name of Henry James.  He was known to use this hotel to lure his prey of young women, raping and murdering them.  He was later hanged nearby for his wrong doings.  We could hear his footsteps moving up and down the room with various other unexplained noises around us.  One of the guests had a laser pen with a grid filter on it pointing towards one end of the room.  This displayed an array of small lights.  This did go off and on, we asked Henry if he was doing this to do it again which it did a couple of times.

For our second group of the night we all went to the cellar.  After starting a séance we immediately felt Henry had followed us.  We were looking towards the entrance of the cellar and could see shadows.  We then heard a very loud bang which made everyone jump.  On checking it out we established the noise came from people walking on the cellar door on the path above.  Marc & Kate (guests) went to stand underneath the cellar door in case it happened again.  The noise occurred again but much quieter and each time Marc & Kate could see the shadows of people walking over it.  Then there was a very loud bang again, which came from the cellar door but no shadows were seen.  We couldn’t explain this.  Marc stayed under the cellar door and whilst looking towards the entrance of the cellar he saw a beam of light on the floor.  This later corresponded with what Sean saw whilst filming later in the same place.

Lynn had also been feeling unwell, so she was put in the centre of the circle for protection.

For our third group of the night we went to the Coffee Shop downstairs, but after only seeing one light anomaly and the EMF going of just once we returned to the Tudor room.  Once in the Tudor room we settled around the table again and asked out for spirit to make some noises.  Immediately Marc (guest) felt a sharp stabbing pain in his left lower back.  I was seated next to him and the second time he had the pain I had it too but on my right lower back.  We had the EMF on between us which was lighting up.  The pains continued several times each of us feeling the pain at the same time.  Marc sensed a young lady had fallen to her death down the stairs outside the room, were we feeling her pain?

We were then all spilt into smaller groups and went to some of the rooms that were occupied by the team for the night.  Myself & Lynn took a small group to Room 9, and after settling down we started hearing noises around the room.  There were noises coming from the bathroom where the taps and shower had been found turned on earlier in the day.  We were also hearing knocks on the dressing table and footsteps around the room.  Lights were being seen too.

I then returned to this room with two guests and again we were hearing noises and saw two flashes of light.

Thank you to the Red Lion and all guests for making this a truly memorable night, I can’t wait to return, Kym

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Red Lion Hotel, Colchester ghost hunt – 21-1-2012

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 21st January 2012

Ever since this venue had been booked for a ghost hunt my team and I were anxious to investigate this amazing location, a building which has plenty of history and known ghosts and the very fact that just about every room that we were staying in had some interesting history, usually macabre.

After many guests (and team) enjoyed another kind of spirit at the bar, for nerves obviously! We started by splitting the guests into two groups, one group stayed in the Tudor Room, the other, my group headed into The Parliament Restaurant where we let the guests use our equipment which consisted of K2 meters, dialogue meters and a tricorder, many hotspots were detected and spirit generally stepped forward to be noticed, the dialogue meters proved to be quite active and spirit was able to communicate with guests through basic yes and no questioning.

After a while I suggested that we hold a séance to try to get spirit to come forward and give the group some form of personal evidence. After a short amount of time a young boy called Timothy aged about 6-7 years old came forward, the group had already detected him via the tricorder and our other electronic equipment. Timothy was wearing a smart suit with short trousers, not a school uniform, and by his appearance he looked as if he came from the 1810s. He also brought his Sister with him, called Mary but she was rather shy. However between them they managed to move the arms of some of the guests. Hot and cold spots were also felt by the guests, but generally the energy seemed only to interact with those nearest to the kitchen.

There was also another female energy present, she was about 23 years old and was very shy, and she emerged from the kitchen area and stayed within an invisible boundary from the kitchen door to mid-way into the restaurant. She did not interact with the guests, but she could see that Timothy and Mary were interacting with us.

Throughout the séance I could sense a male energy sitting near the bar, he appeared to be very grumpy almost angry and he appeared to be dressed in clothing which I would associate as being from 1920s – 1930s. He did not want to interact with the group and stayed in the same place, muttering to himself.

After we broke the séance circle I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment, which was stopped mid-flow due to a very noisy crowd making their way along the walkway just outside, but after we re-commenced the experiment there were two EVPs recorded. One which has been added to our website as it is very clear and the other which we cannot establish what exactly is being said.

You can listen to the clear one at

Many guests wandered over to where this disgruntled gentleman appeared to me and our electronic equipment picked up his energy. Some of the guests also photographed orbs in this location.

During this part of our investigation I set up the laser grid in the hope of seeing a spirit manifestation, as we have had some success with this in the past; however nothing notable happened at the time.

Some photographs were taken of the ceiling in the area which separates the bar and the restaurant and someone noticed that there seemed to be a woman’s face looking down through the window, but alas this turned out to be a mannequin! However during this time many people photographed what seemed to be a patch of brickwork on the ceiling, there was no brickwork. At the time the photographs looked very real however on examining the photos that we took and those taken by some of the guests we can conclude that it wasn’t brickwork, it was the wooden beam, which although doesn’t look anything like brickwork under certain circumstances the wood of the beam is reflected in the flash, which lightens the wood and since the beam is etched this looks like brickwork because the beam is out of focus. A mystery solved!

The second session we swapped the groups and my group headed into the café since the noise on the street had quietened down. We were assembled in the cellar of the café and although there were spirit energies present the activity was rather subdued. We did however hear some very loud bangs and crashes which sounded like they were emanating from right above us, but we know that we were the only people in this area. A male energy called David made himself known to the group via a electronic equipment, I could also sense him and he told me that he was involved in an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in the 1980s. I thought that he was riding a motorcycle as he was dressed in leathers, but he answered via our dialogue meter that he was not on a motorcycle. What his fate was I do not know because he didn’t provide us with answers.

I found this café area strange, not because of the lack of spirit energy, but when I first visited The Red Lion this room seemed to be electric and I felt vitalised and full of energy, yet on the night the reverse was true, everyone including me felt drained and tired which was a huge disappointment as I was hoping for some great activity to take place in this room.

After this session we headed into the cellar which is situated on the other side of the public walkway. This was a very spooky place and the group was split. The majority of us were in the main cellar and a couple of guests were near to the beer cask entrance as the other group reported some strangeness when they were here.

A male energy joined us he was from Norfolk aged between 17 and 19 years old, called Phillip and seemed to be a very simple minded chap. He did not physically interact with the group instead we heard all manner of strange noises like groaning, whistling, loud bangs, knocking and all round weird noises. Every time something happened all the guests jumped, as these noises came with no warning and were not caused from people walking on the pavement above us, as we could hear everything that was happening on the street above, the noises in the cellar were coming from the floor or from within the hotel.

The group of people who stayed by the beer cask entrance heard and felt much more than they bargained for and on many occasions some very loud bangs and crashes were heard in this area and just after the noises the guests who were near that area screamed!

During this session a guest felt a party popper (which was stored there) hit his leg which made him jump! And two guests witnessed a Christmas tree (which was being stored) move in front of their eyes. Some of this session has been videoed and hopefully the noises especially the whistling have been recorded. Many orbs were definitely recorded.

The final session of the evening we allowed the guest to roam between the rooms, as my team were all staying overnight and we had the majority of the haunted rooms.

In room 7 which has many stories, a mist formation was photographed by a guest and an EVP was recorded, however the EVP is unintelligible and has been sent off for further analysis.

In room 6 we tried a scrying experiment and all guests who stood in front on the mirror could feel their features change, the spectators could see the results and on several occasions the spirit energy that people could see looked either scary or malicious which frightened some of the guests!

One of my team members who was staying in room 9 reported that when he entered the room the shower was on, much to his amazement. He was not responsible for this as when we arrived he just dumped his overnight bag in the room and then joined the rest of the group in the bar.

After the public investigation had finished, those who were staying in the hotel overnight, which included some guests as well as the team members decided to re-visit the cellar, as it was now much quieter on the streets of Colchester. As before some of us were near the beer cask drop and the rest of the group in the main part of the cellar. I stayed by the Christmas tree in the hope of seeing it move and to experience some of the noises which seem to be related to this old opening. We heard many strange noises here but during the séance which was being conducted in the main cellar I felt that there was an unwelcome spirit energy and although this energy was doing what was asked of him – gentle movements etc. – I felt that one of the guests would soon need my help. I thought I knew which guest it was going to be as this guest (who will remain nameless) has had a similar experience at another investigation of mine.

When I entered the room the guest that needed help was Andy, his partner Wendy was scared of him and said that she felt that Andy was looking menacing and threatening even though Andy was feeling generally fine, he could feel an unusual force or energy around him and I realised what was in progress and stepped in to help Andy, and ultimately Wendy! The spirit energy that was responsible was called Adrian Muller and he was able to push Andy with great force whilst I was standing directly behind Andy, which was probably just as well because otherwise I think Andy would have fallen over.

After giving Andy some much needed energy in the form of emergency healing and placing him in the circle the feeling that he had and his appearance to the group had changed, Wendy could now look at him without being scared!

This event was a huge success and the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we as a team also had a fantastic night and we cannot wait to return to The Red Lion Hotel as I believe there is so much more to experience at this venue.

We have recorded many hours of video footage which is currently being analysed for audio-visual anomalies; any results will be published on our website in due course.

Our next public event at The Red Lion is scheduled for 14th April 2012 and tickets are available from our website.

This venue is also available for private events (birthdays, hen nights etc.), for more information please see our website.

I would like to thank all the staff, especially Warren the General Manager for making this event run smoothly and Jason the Night Porter who although sceptical helped us with the event into the early hours.

Steve Moyle
Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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