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Pluckley Woods private ghost hunt – 9-11-2012

Pluckley Woods private ghost hunt 9th November 2012

Pluckley, Kent

For a change Pluckley village was a nice quiet place, the woods even quieter, with no wind to speak of and no obvious animal noises.

We headed for what I call my usual area, as this has been the scene of so much activity every time I have done a ghost hunt here.

After an initial spike of EMF activity seen on our KII meters and some brief but informative communication via other electronic equipment I decided that it was time to hold a séance as this is the best way for the guests to experience paranormal activity.

We were joined by a male energy called Philip who was 22 years old and from the 1970s as he was wearing flared jeans and a shirt with big collars, he was also an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) victim. Philip was able to push some of the guests forwards and pull them back, some were swayed. Philip was also able to lift some of the guests arms. Many of the guests reported tingling and pins & needle sensations in their hands. Some guests also saw shadows further along the path. We were also joined by an older male energy (who did not give me his name) but this gentleman looked like a farmer, short and stocky build who had big hands.

At the end of the séance I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment to try to record some ghost voices. There were several, although the two clearest can be heard at:-

From here we moved further into the woods to another familiar spot to me and one which has also proved to be a good spot, but for a different reason, namely Spirit Box activity. Our Spirit Boxes scan the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms, so if we hear anything going forward we can be sure that no radio station broadcast it, as no radio station broadcasts in reverse.

I also set up the laser grid at this point and many guests reported seeing shadows moving within this grid. There was also high levels of EMF energy (as seen on the KII meters) and a high level of communication via the other gadgets.

There was a female spirit energy around us called Elizabeth and she appeared to be quite strict, aged in her mid to late 40s and looked like a farmers wife.

On the Spirit box we heard “Hello”, “hi” and then I asked for the spirit to say the names of the people present. We heard very clearly “Steve”, “Jed”, “Tasha”, “Simon” and “Keith” with some names being repeated several times.

Also at the same time when guests were asking questions hopeful that they would be answered either on the Spirit Box or the communication equipment, we heard “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” and “Shhhh”

After this very eventful session we moved deep into the woods with the idea that I would hold another séance. Before we arrived at an area where I thought this would be a good spot, I noticed that a male spirit energy was following us. He identified himself as Mark and looked to be in his early 20s and he seemed to be dressed in horse riding attire and carried a whip or crop. Once again I held a séance circle and Mark had no problem to manipulate the guests, with lots of people being pushed and swayed and pushed into each other, Tasha & Sara were even twisted to face different directions, Grace was also pulled downwards by her and Sara’s hands. There was also a lot of arm movement experienced by the guests.

At the end of the séance, guests were taking photographs and although nothing was seen at the time, one photo seems to have a “horse shaped” mist, see below.

Copyright Sara Wallington

Once again a thoroughly enjoyable ghost hunt which all the guests enjoyed, especially as it was their first proper ghost hunt. The Spirit box activity was probably the best and clearest that I have heard outdoors for a long time.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 3-11-2012

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 3rd November 2012

Toys Hill, Kent

We often find that this time of year is a better outdoor ghost hunt as there isn’t much noise outside, obviously being the weekend before Guy Fawkes we were treated to some interesting firework displays!

Our first session was under the trees where the manor house would have stood, this in the past has been the scene of quite a lot of activity and as usual there were high levels of EMF energy shown on our KII meters as well as some good communication via our other electronic equipment.

Some of the guests saw lights in the trees as well as shadows, these were not fireworks or car lights as they were too low to the ground. The shadows were unexplained although I have seen similar when holding previous ghost hunts at this location.

A couple of guests who had stayed with me under the trees (the rest had wandered off) felt a brush on their legs, they said that it had felt like a dog had brushed past them. This has also been reported here and one previous ghost hunt, we all heard the sound of a dog approaching.

After wandering deeper into the woods I stopped at a familiar area, as this has been the scene of so much activity on previous ghost hunts and held a séance here.

A male spirit energy called Daniel joined us, he gave his age as early 20s and the year as 1911. Daniel was easily able to move many of the guests arms, push them and generally sway them on the spot. Several guests also reported the feeling of people pulled downwards, and some were physically pulled downwards by their arms.

Dave (guest) was firstly pushed backwards, although I had noticed that he stood in front of a tree when we started and I am fairly sure he thought the same tree was behind him, but due to all the movement felt by the other guests, the tree was no longer directly behind Dave. So when he was pushed backwards he didn’t resist as he thought the tree would stop him from falling over, but he just missed the tree and fell over!

When Dave finally stood back up Daniel continued to push Dave until he fell face first into the mud which gave us all a good laugh! Whilst all this was going on some of the guests on the other side of the séance circle could hear footfalls and shadows behind them and asked that Carl (GHE Team member) go to investigate. As Carl was now opposite me and I could clearly see him, on my side of the circle we too heard the sound of footfalls behind us and the sound of twigs snapping, like someone had walked over the sticks. We also heard some heavy sounds, like something dropping from the trees or something heavy being dropped, but considering it wasn’t windy the source of this noise remains a mystery.

After we finished the Séance I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) and then asking for spirit to say our names. Several times we heard the name “Carl” and “Tom” (Tom was one of the guests) and “Hartnoll” (Tom’s surname) plus “Tommy” and “Donna” (another guest). During this time there was high levels of EMF energy which could be seen by the guests on our KII meters.

After leaving this area of the woods and heading back to the site of the old Manor I held an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) experiment to record ghost voices. There were many unexplained noises in the recording and several possible EVPs but only one which could easily be understood. You can hear that one at

Once again a very good ghost hunt and one in which many of the guests felt spirit energy in the form of a physical sensation, plus the added bonus of hearing their names called out on the Spirit Box.

Carl – Paranormal Investigator joined me from Ghost Hunt Events

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Star ghost hunt – 2-11-2012

The Star ghost hunt 2nd November 2012

Alfriston, East Sussex

The Star Inn has a history of smugglers and tyrants who used the Star as a safe haven because of the instant protection of the Sanctuary Post offered by the Church. We had confined ourselves to the upper floors and the “Feature Rooms” (the two oldest in the hotel) to start with until the Restaurant and Bar had all emptied.

In the first room, there was a male spirit by the name of David, who told me that he was a peasant and lived under a local bridge and passed away because of a horse running over him. Although he gave no year, possibly because he didn’t know the year, I got the impression that this was some time during the 1700s. There were periodic energy spikes shown on our KII EMF meters when he stood near people and David made Jamie feel cold and in his own words “odd”. There were also periods of communication via our electronic equipment and some guests saw shadows within the room.

Whilst a guest was asking questions to David I recorded them and the following EVPs were recorded

In the second room another male energy called Charles was present, he was aged in his mid-50s, very well dressed in a three piece black suit with a top hat and a cane and he also had a full beard. Charles was also a portly gentleman who gave the impression that he once owned the building.

As I asked Charles to touch people, some felt the sensation of being pushed (the pressure) but not that actual physical pushing. On our Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequency in reverse at 100ms) some names were heard.

Further audio recordings were taken but no ghost voices were found under analysis.

During a séance in the Heritage room there were some arm movement and one guest was gently pushed by a female spirit.

However when the rest of the guests (who were downstairs with another member of the team) joined us for another séance and different spirit energy joined us. His name was Timmy and he was 36 years old, he was able to life everyone’s arms and gentle push people. During the senace it became apparent that this particular energy was capable of so much more. So we then started to use a writing planchette. This is similar to a Ouija Board planchette, except that there is a pen or pencil used for drawing.

First Timmy drew a flower, similar to a sunflower.

I then asked Marc (GHE team) to draw a shape on a piece of paper & not let us see it, but show it to the guests watching. Then I asked Timmy to go and look at what had been drawn and repeat it using the writing planchette. Timmy got them all right.

The first shape was a figure of eight, then a Triangle, a square & circle combined which turned out be remarkably similar to the key shape that Marc drew (although not identical)

I then asked Marc to draw a number and asked Timmy to copy this. Timmy drew either a 6 or 9, which is exactly what Marc had drawn, because it depends which way you look at it.

Then someone on the table asked for Timmy to write his age, after he had finished we couldn’t really work it out, although it started with a 3 so using a strange Yes and No method, as Timmy didn’t seem to be able to write a Y, so we used a circle for Yes and N for No we deduced his age to be 36.

This sort of activity and incredible drawing ability is quite rare and one which certainly made the night for us.

This ghost hunt was surprising as we did not expect the level of activity that we encountered the writing planchette experiment was definitely the highlight of the evening. The meal that accompanied this ghost hunt was also enjoyed by all.

I was joined by Marc & Kym from the Ghost Hunt Events team

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Woods – 6-10-2012

Pluckley Screaming Woods – 6th October 2012

In aid of The Children’s Trust Charity

Group C
Sean (team) and I took the first group to an area that is very active and immediately we had activity on the KII and Ghost Pro’s.  I had the name Emily in my head, so asked if the spirit present was Emily, the ghost pro answered yes.  We established Emily comes here to play and that she was less than 10 years old.  She could see that it was dark, and prefers it in the daylight.  We used the PSB7 with various inaudible words coming through, however sean was wearing his ear amplifiers and heard my name clearly (Kym).  We also heard whistles when calling out.

Group B
Whilst taking the second group to the same area, myself and a guest heard a groan to our left.  Again we were having KII and Ghost Pro activity.  Whilst using the PSB7 we heard the name Bill – when asking spirit if that was his name we got yes.  Whilst standing quietly and listening, Sean was able to hear mens voices through his ear amplifiers, but there were no men in this group and all other groups were too far away to be heard.

Group C
Again we took the third group to the same area.  We had KII and Ghost Pro activity, initially confirming Bill was with us again.  We could also hear unexplained noises around, and felt we were being watched throughout the evening.

A brilliant night – Pluckley never disappoints.

Kym and Sean – Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Lowndes Arms – 13-10-2012

Lowndes Arms ghost hunt 13th October 2012

Carl & I stayed downstairs with the guests and used Ouija Boards, Ghost Pro Meters, KII’s, PSB7’s etc.  For our first session Carl had 5 guests using the Ouija board and after a short while had spirit present.  The words were inconclusive but what they did notice was the MEL meter showed high readings of 3.2 when spirit was present.  Base line readings were 0.0 and as soon as we started it was never under 0.5, but when spirit said goodbye it went straight down to 0.0.

I started with 3 guests around a table trying glass movement, and although the glass didn’t move we heard taps on the glass.  We moved to a quieter area in the restaurant and tried again but no movement.  We then sat with our hands on the table, and could feel feather-like touches on our fingers.  I could also feel someone touching my hair.  We were feeling cold under the table too.  We established using the Ghost Pro that the spirit present was Geoffery who Steve (Medium) had seen earlier in the bar area.  The Ghost Pro started displaying odd sequences of lights, so I got a second one to see if the same happened to that one.  It didn’t however with both Ghost Pro’s turned on side by side we noticed that Geoffery came in on the same one, but a different energy was on the second one.

Steve (guest) had the name George in his head and when we asked the second Ghost Pro if he was George it answered yes.  We then established that both spirits were friends and used to drink here.  Steve & I were able to smell the beer they were drinking – a very strong ale.  Spirit were also able to affect the KII when asked several times.

For our second session I took four guests to the restaurant and we tried table tipping/moving.  We had some vibrations and very slight movement but nothing more.  A guest also swapped the Ghost Pro’s over, and Geoffery & George continued to come through on the same meters as before.

Paranormal Investigator
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events


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Lowndes Arms ghost hunt -13-10-2012

The Lowndes Arms ghost hunt 13th October 2012
Whaddon, Buckinghamshire

Initially we were asked to undertake a ghost hunt at The Lowndes Arms for The Sun newspaper back in July 2012. After that event and the activity that we recorded we thought it would be worthwhile holding a public ghost hunt.

On the night there were two groups, one based downstairs, and the other with me upstairs.

In the first group we had some KII activity and some small amounts of communication via our electronic devices; however I decided that it would be better to hold a séance to get the spirit energies to interact with the guests.

A male spirit called Michael joined us, he was about 33 years old and a stocky build and he told me that he was a local farm hand and had passed away in 1850s (he wasn’t sure of the exact year).

Whilst Michael was able to move some of the guests arms, the thing that really surprised us was the amount of force that he was able to put on some people and drag them down to the floor and he was also able to push groups of people into one another. During this séance there were strange noises heard near the floor, creaking and groaning. Considering the other group were downstairs it was unlikely that anything that they were doing would make this kind of noise. It wasn’t floor boards moving either as I asked the guests that were nearest to the noise to jump up and down and this made no noise.

Also whilst we were holding the séance the motion sensors that we had set up in the corridor were periodically set off (this happened on the first investigation in July).

After a short break the second group came upstairs with me.

This time however there was a very high level of KII activity and during the séance part of the evening the guests really felt the spirit energy of Michael who was more than happy to move their arms and push and pull them. All of the guests felt Michael move them in some way and several guests were swayed. John & Steven were pushed together and then down on more than one occasion.

Once again we could all see the motion sensor lights set off more frequently than the first group and this time there were no noises similar to what I heard with the first group, although there were still some strange noises heard within the room.

At one point one of the guests felt his bum being touching which he found to be amusing and a little worrying at the same time!

A various times many of the guests were twisted (as if they were dancing) although some of the guests did feel unwell, however given that the spirit were manipulating us into some very uncomfortable positions and twirling people (sometimes on their own) and swaying and pulling people down, it is no wonder that some people felt a little sick. Although all of these feelings stopped as soon as we stopped doing the séance.

At the end of the session I conducted an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were quite a few spirit responses after the guests questions, however some of them could not be interpreted clearly, the best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt in which many of the guests felt the spirit energy move them in ways that they never thought possible. Everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we also recorded some excellent video and audio evidence which will be published as soon as it can be verified by our experts.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Oldbury Hill Fort – 5-10-2012

Oldbury Hill Fort ghost hunt 5th October 2012
nr Sevenoaks, Kent

Oldbury Hill is a strange place, not least because many do not know that once you climb the escarpment you are in the old fort. Our ghost hunt was hampered by the heavy rain, but we do not cancel a ghost hunt due to rain because most of the time the trees will protect us from the rain.

After making my way to a familiar spot a male energy by the name of Peter came forward, he was about 26 years old and his was wearing what I would describe as peasant clothing. Whilst this energy was around many guests felt as if they were being watched. There was plenty of activity of his presence shown on our KII and communication devices with a couple of people reporting that they had seen shadows move further along the path.

On using the spirit box, Peter was able to use the device to say “Hello” and my name.

Unfortunately due to the rain we could not tell whether the noises that we were hearing were normal for the woods or whether these noises were made by spirit. The same was true of call outs and whistles, although there were some odd noises heard nearby. There was no point undertaking an EVP experiment as this too would have been fruitless because of the sound of the rain.

The second spot was on the edge of the fort, were once again there was high levels of KII EMF activity and good communication via our electronic equipment. I decided that this would be a good place to do a séance as the energies here were the sort of spirit that would move people.

During the séance there was a lot of arm movement and spirit were able to push people, sometimes on demand. The spirit that was responsible was called Jeffery and although he didn’t tell me much his was in his late 50s or early 60s and was a playful character who was more than willing to show the guests that he was near us by moving the guests.

I cannot say that this was an enjoyable ghost hunt, but this is solely due to the weather and the amount of walking at this venue is greater than many of our other outdoor events. This ghost hunt at this location will be repeated but not during the winter when the likelihood of bad weather is high.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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